Uinta Express Pipeline

To link Uinta Basin’s waxy crude oil production with the Salt Lake area refineries, Uinta Express Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of Tesoro Refining and Marketing LLC, is proposing to build the Uinta Express Pipeline.

The project will consist of an approximately 135-mile, 12-inch, buried, insulated, carbon steel pipeline and ancillary facilities.  It will be a common carrier pipeline with an expected capacity to be around 60,000 barrels per day.  Market conditions and further analysis will determine the project’s precise specifications.

The proposed pipeline will provide a safe and efficient way to move waxy crude currently being trucked to the refineries.  The pipeline will take about 250 tanker trucks off the road daily that are making roundtrips from the Uinta Basin to Salt Lake City.  The project will generate an economic boost by creating temporary and permanent jobs, facilitating the usage of local Utah crude and helping to provide an important piece of energy infrastructure to meet demand.


The final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Draft Record of Decision will be released in December 2015 followed by a 45-day objection period. The U.S. Forest Service will issue its final Record of Decision once this period is complete.





The project is on hold for now until we can do an internal strategic review of the project to determine where it fits within our portfolio. This review will likely take place in the second quarter of this year.
The project has made important progress with the Environmental Impact Statement and with the detailed engineering phase, which enables us to move the project through our annual internal review process.
We will continue to evaluate the economics of this project and the market conditions.
We feel like the project is in a positive place in terms of community awareness and support. We greatly appreciate the hard work and the strong collaboration of our stakeholders who have invested their time and expertise.
Tesoro is committed to being part of this community. Utah is an important area for us.  We’ve been here a long time and look forward to being here a lot longer. We’ve made several investments in our operations in the state of Utah and continue to look for ways to invest further.